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Song of the Week

One of the hardest things for new Christians to do is give up the music they are accustomed to listening to.  My husband and I can attest that it is definitely a process.  First, you have to clear your mind of all the negative ideas you already have about Christian music (Gospel is for old people, Christian rap is whack, etc).  Most of us have an aversion toward Christian music that we don't even know we have.  It's cool on a Sunday, but turn it on Tuesday and people are looking at you funny.  Second, we have to make it a habit, and we do that by repetition.  We have to tune our ears to enjoy the sound.  That means when our fingers start itching to switch the station back to Lil Wayne and Trey Songz, we have to be able to say no and stay true to our process of developing good listening habits.  I know it sounds like a hassle, but honestly it's not that hard.  When you find artists and genres that you enjoy listening to, you'll be surprised at how relieved you are to be able to sing a song without bleeping out half of it, or listen to a song without having to try to convince yourself, "I don't really believe what they say, it's just a nice beat."  With these thoughts in mind, I've decided to share a new song every week that I have found uplifting and enjoyable  (click on the red link below).  I hope you will give these songs and artists a chance, but remember these are just my preferences.  There is plenty of music out  there for everybody.

10/26/10 genre:  Christian rap
Indwelling Sin by LeCrae

11/2/10 genre:  Christian rap
G.O.D remix by Canton Jones

11/9/10 genre:  Christian rock
Send Me/Represent by 116 Clique

11/16/10 genre:  Gospel
Moving Forward by Hezekiah Walker feat. Ricardo Sanchez

11/30/10 genre:  Gospel R&B...maybe
You Can Change by Tye Tribbett

12/6/10 genre: Gospel hip hop
Live Above It by Bizzle featuring Lavoisier

12/13/10 genre: Worship
Have Your Way by Karen Clark Sheard

12/21/10 genre:  Gospel
No Limits by Israel and the New Breed

12/28/10 genre:  Blues
Keep Me by Tye Tribbett

1/3/11 genre:  Worship
For Every Mountain by Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr singers

1/10/11 genre:  Christian rap
Overdose by Lecrae

1/18/11 genre: Inspirational
Praise by Letoya Luckett

1/27/11 genre: Gospel
Encore by James Fortune and F.I.Y.A


  1. Great point you made and excellent song suggestion! Keep'em coming!


  2. Indwelling Sin is a wonderful song. That whole album is very wonderful! Great message sis!

  3. Thanks husband and sis! Glad you both enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any suggestions :-)

  4. Shout out to Lecrae! I'm feeling the Rehab CD right now!

  5. I'm loving Lecrae as well! But I'm going to try to have a little variety on the page :-)