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Monday, January 3, 2011

Challenge of the day: Bask in the Sonshine

I am currently enjoying my role as housewife to a great husband and mother to a 12 pound mixed breed puppy.  But sometimes I get so caught up in managing the house and ministering the gospel that I don't step outside at all.  Often this is not a problem, but on occassion I find my spirit being burdened by an unknown weight.  I lose motivation and productivity.  The house seems dark and dreary instead of cozy and welcoming.  Well one day during one of these episodes  I decided to actually go sit outside when I let the dog out.  I sat back in the sun and just reveled in the beauty of the day.  It felt as if the sun was warming me from the inside out.  I was refreshed and energized. 

Many scientists agree that sunlight does have a direct affect on a person's mood.  They have even come up with the term Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to describe the depression that some people feel when the seasons change and there is less sunlight.  Well I endeavor to say that the sonlight of Jesus Christ is even more important than this natural sunlight and the lack of Jesus is even more detrimental.

Many times we get so busy with our lives that we forget to bask in the warmth of Jesus.  This usually leads to confusion, depression, and sin.  It is essential for us to let the light of Jesus shine on us and through us so that we are uplifted, energized, and productive.  So I challenge you today to set aside some time to let His omnipotent light shine on you.

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