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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Challenge of the Day: Get Busy

I’m going to make a bold assumption and say that if all you do as a Christian is go to church, you’re probably being a little selfish.  More than likely you’re going to church to be motivated,forgiven, or inspired.  But what are you doing with these feel good emotions when you leave the building?  If you’re not motivating, forgiving, or inspiring someone else in Jesus’ name then I wonder what you went to church for.
We have to wake up!  Time is limited and Satan is busy.  It seems I am seeing more and more people celebrated for evil everyday.  Pride, greed, and adultery are running rampant while abortion, homosexuality, and fornication are accepted as personal choices.  We have grown apathetic while Satan is running around killing saints and raising demons.
Church is great for informing us and strengthening our individual resolve, but we should also be strengthening each other outside the church.  The end is coming.  I don’t know what day or time but the bible promises us that it is coming.  And this is my personal belief.  If the Lord chooses to start the persecution tomorrow and I’m still here, I would rather be surrounded by strong Christian soldiers than to be running scared alone.  But whatever position I find myself in, I will be ready.  Will you?

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  1. I will. Thank you for the inspirational post.

    When you have a moment please stop by for some Coffee with Jesus