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Friday, December 3, 2010

Prayer for the Saints: India

Two years after the worse anti-Christian violence in India, Orissa Christians still live in a state of insecurity and danger. "The Christians of Kandhamal are still living in a situation of discrimination. Sometimes the government food supplies, and other assets that should be distributed among the poor are not delivered to the Christians. In some villages Christian children are not allowed access to government schools," unnamed sources told AsiaNews.
"There is no violence, but there is no peace," Archbishop Raphael Cheenath said. "About 16,000 families have no homes and Christians are not allowed to return to 20 villages unless they convert to Hinduism. In many villages in Kandhamal, Christians live with mistreatment and humiliation every day. They are not allowed to take water from the village well, collect firewood or buy food from shops. The authorities do nothing to prevent such abuse, even if we have made complaints. Their silence is disturbing."

Source: AsiaNews

Please Pray!

Please pray for the Christians in Orissa who are displaced or otherwise suffering in the aftermath of the 2008 riots. Winter is upon them and relief aid is needed. Pray that the Lord will supply all their needs according to his riches in glory. Pray that the authorities will take action on behalf of the Christians.

VOM provides assistance to persecuted believers in India by supplying Bibles and other resources. VOM's Families of Martyrs fund is used to assist families who have lost loved ones in attacks.

Information provided by the Be A Voice network

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