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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New prayer request, song, and devotion!

The devotion this week is an excerpt fromthe book Tortured for Christ by  Richard Wurmbrand.  In this book Richard talks about his experience as a Christian under communist rule.  The passage for this week is a story of a Christian prisoner whose imprisonment nearly destroyed his family.  This is not an isolated incident in restricted nations.

The prayer this week is for the family of Nurta Mohamed Farah.  This is a young girl from Somalia who was mysteriously shot after converting to Christianity.  Although Nurta's struggle is over, I encourage you all to pray that her testimony is preserved and her family and murderers find salvation.

The song of the week is a beautiful ballad by Tye Tribbet.  His humility shines as the lyrics entreat God to guide and keep him.

Pray for Somalia
Song of the Week

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