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Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday

Hey guys!  Happy Friday to everybody!  Thank God for weekends!  I was thinking this morning and I'm fairly certain today is my 1 month blog-iversary so yay to me :-) 

Well I was going to share some random thoughts with you this morning, but since "I'm sleepy" is the dominant thought right now, I figured I'd spare you the boring details.  Pray for me guys, I have got to get my iron up. 

At any rate, I pray blessings over each and every one of you today.  And if nothing else, make sure you look at the new bible study of the week.  My husband asked me to look into the Lord's prayer, and honestly I thought there was nothing really to 'look into'.  It was a prayer I had memorized a long time ago and I felt that it was pretty straightforward.  But thank God the spirit convicted me to study it anyway!  It was so much more than I thought it was.  It shows us a great structure for all of our prayers and gives us a much needed lesson on submission and humility.  The most amazing thing about this prayer to me is that it came straight from Jesus.  He gave us the inside scoop on God's will for our prayers, and if you really look into the prayer, it gives us wonderful insight into God's character!  Ok, I'm getting excited all over again :-)  Just check it out for yourselves.  I'd love to hear what you think about the lesson.

The Lord's Prayer_Bible Study

Also don't forget to step up to the challenge of the day!

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