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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pray for the Saints: Egypt and Somalia

Ok family here are a couple of prayer requests that I wanted to put before you today. Please remember them as you go before God today.

Egyptian Christians
Egyptian Christians fear for their safety as false allegations, violent threats and mass demonstrations pile up against the Church in Egypt.  Muslim anger was ignited last month when entirely unfounded accusations were made on Al-Jazeera TV that Egyptian Christians were aligned with Israel and stockpiling weapons in preparation for waging war against Muslims. (Egypt borders Israel as well as the Gaza Strip.) Tensions were also fueled by Islamist leaders falsely accusing Christians of kidnapping and torturing women who had converted to Islam.

Egyptian Christians' rights were subsequently threatened by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, a government body, which confirmed Egypt to be an Islamic state where "the citizenship rights of non-Muslims were conditional to their abiding by the Islamic identity of the State." Thousands of Muslims with the Front of Islamic Egypt have promised Christians a "bloodbath" in at least 10 mass demonstrations.

Source: Barnabas Aid

Please Pray!

Pray that tensions against Christians will cease and that the light of Jesus Christ will shine brightly in Egypt. Pray that God will place a hedge of protection around Christians. Pray for enemy strongholds to be pulled down and for those in bondage to false religions to be set free.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds." 2 Corinthians 10:4

Nurta Mohamed Farah
Since May 10, Nurta Mohamed Farah has been imprisoned at her home in southern Somalia because she became a Christian, according to Compass News Direct. According to witnesses, Nurta's family keeps the 17-year-old chained to a tree by day and puts her in a small, dark room at night.  "When the woman's family found out that she converted to Christianity she was beaten badly but insisted on her new-found religion," a source told Compass News on the condition of anonymity. "Her parents also took her to a doctor who prescribed medication for a 'mental illness' but it had no effect in swaying her from her faith," he said. "There is little the community can do. I have advised our community leaders to keep monitoring her condition but not to meddle for their own safety. We need prayers and human advocacy for such inhuman acts."
Nurta's suffering began after she declined her family's offer of forgiveness in exchange for renouncing Christianity, according to the source.

Please Pray!

According to Compass News, conversion from Islam to another religion in Somalia is considered socially unacceptable. Those suspected of conversion face harassment or even death from members of their community. Please pray that God will protect Nurta and intervene in rescuing her from harm's way. Pray that God will give her the strength to remain steadfast in her Christian faith. Pray also that her parents will come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and be delivered from the deception of Islam.

The Voice of the Martyrs assists Somali pastors in areas of intense persecution.

Information provided by the Voice of the Martyrs' Be A Voice network.

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