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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prisoner Alert

Good morning guys!  I thank all of you that prayed the Lord would give me the words to write to the Christian prisoners.  I was struggling with what to say, and I had delayed writing a letter for two days.  Well last night the Spirit convicted me.  He showed me that every night I procrastinated could be the night my Christian brother or sister lost hope.  So I got up this morning to write the letter and wouldn't you know I had been doing all that worrying for nothing!  Because the website has to translate the letters into so many different languages, they actually give you the phrases to choose from to put in your letter.  I prayed that the Lord would give me the words to write, and He literally gave me the words to write, LOL.  That makes me laugh.  Anyway I hope you guys will join in this endeavor to encourage our persecuted brothers and sisters.  On the right side of this blog, under the pages box, I have added a link that directs you to the Prisoner Alert page. 

Thanks in advance for your love and support!

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